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Why We Started

Tele-Hope was founded in 2022 with the aspirations of creating a sense of hope and belongingness within the youth of our communities. In society today, we see too many children give up on their dreams and never reach their full potential. We live in a world that sees extreme division and hatred, often leaving kids feeling hopeless and like there is no path forward. Tele-Hope was built on the idea that everyone has a passion and has the ability to make a difference in this world, they may just not see it yet or haven’t been in an environment the develops this passion and confidence. Wyoming continues to have a youth suicide rate that is amongst the highest in the country. Additionally, suicide rates amongst collegiate student athletes is on the rise as well. We hope to provide a light in member's lives and give them the opportunity to see their value.

The only thing that matters is what you chose to do now 

Our Mission

We are creating a community that provides hope for everyone involved. We want to help children visualize what their success can look like, no matter their circumstances. Big dreams are achievable no matter who you are. We want to make that a possibility for everyone. By starting with the youth in our community, we can help them grow and be able to mentor others and share their story in the future. We want people to have a story of inspiration, a story of hope, a story of accomplishment.

Our Vision

At Tele-Hope, we aim to make the community a better place. Our vision is to help individuals accomplish their goals day by day, step by step. We want to provide hope for every child in the community and watch them grow into the successful adults that all have the ability to become. We want to create lifelong friendships, bonds, and a sense of belongingness. No one has to fight their struggles alone, and by partnering children with a mentor who has been through similar hardships, we can help this idea become a reality in the Laramie community 


No problem is too big and no problem is too small, we are here to help all


1. How will the mentors be chosen?

  • Mentors will sign up on the website and based on similarity in background with a student that signs up they will be paired together. Assuming the athlete passes the background check, and is approved by the school athletic director and coach.


2. What makes someone a good mentor?

  • Caring, hopeful, enthusiastic, and ability to lead. In our mentors we look for having the right intentions, the will to make a difference, and then they will be trained to be the most effective mentors. 

3. Can the mentors and kids hang out outside of school?

  • The mentors are able to hang out with their students outside of school as long as parent waivers are signed. The mentors has to visit with their student at least 3 times at school before they are able to hang out alone. 

4. What forms need to be signed?

  • The school will need parent approval forms to be signed. And waiver forms will need to be signed for additional outings with mentors.

5. Why is this available for all kids?

  • Everyone is facing battles that people cannot see. Even kids, what may seem very small to someone may be the biggest problem in the world to another. That is why we are helping all kids with all problems even if there is nothing.

6. Who are your partners?

  • We are working on partnering with all nonprofits in Laramie. We also have Cowboy Joe club of Wyoming supporting us along with various coaches from the University and athletics directors.


7. What schools do you work with?

  • We are partnered with Laramie Middle School and High School.


8. Where does the funding come from?

  • The funding is coming from fundraisers, donations, and merchandise sold.

9.   990 (e-Postcard)

10. Annual Report

11. Privacy Policy

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