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Who We Are



Our organization aims to help students in the community to never lose sight of their dreams. By pairing college athletes with youth in the community (grades 6-12), our goal is to create relationships and an environment in which student athletes can share their own experiences with adversity to provide a sense of hope for youth who have a great deal of untapped potential. The philosophy behind Tele-Hope is derived from the idea that everybody goes through some level of struggle and no one is alone.  By sharing those experiences, you can provide a helping hand and be a positive force for kids who might be going through similar times like you once were. We all can achieve our dreams no matter what we have gone through or where we come from!

What We Do

Dream Big

Build A Community

Spark Hope

Our organization challenges mentors and students to DREAM BIG. There have been so many people who achieved the "impossible" why can't you be the next? No matter where you come from or what your background is, your dream is achievable no matter the size.

We aim to bring the community together and make everyone feel as if they belong. Our  members will have the opportunity to create lifelong relationships with one another and others within the community by participating in a variety of events and projects facilitated by Tele-Hope. 

Our goal is to provide hope for those struggling with self-belief. Hope can change a life, spark greatness, and is the one thing that can get us through the most difficult times in life. If you lose sight of hope, what else is left? You are not alone, and the Tele-Hope family has your back.

Get Involved

Become a mentor

Student athletes at the University of Wyoming are eligible to sign up and become a mentor

All students that attend Laramie Middle School and Laramie High school are eligible to join our program and obtain a mentor

Click to find out more about joining the Tele-Hope community today!


Obtain a mentor

Why Join?

Make a difference

Build lifelong relationships 

Share your story

Know your impact 

Build self-confidence 

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