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Our goal with out monthly projects is to help people and the environment around us.

Monthly Projects

These monthly projects are made so anyone in the community can help out. Every month there will be a project that will get put out at the beginning of the month and carried out the last week of the month.

Tropical Flower

March Project

Laramie Foster closet donations!

Laramie Foster Closet nonprofit organization that serves Albany County children in need. They utilize donated items from the community to offset the costs of new clothing and other necessary belongings for children in need. However, they also provide new socks, new underwear, new shoes, comfort items, and a duffle bag to each child. Their hope is to help children in our community thrive at school and in life while providing financial alleviation and reducing stress on parents and foster parents. In this way, they hope to see a stronger, brighter future for Albany County.

Top needs right  now for Laramie Foster Closet Winter - PJs – All sizes 2T and up,Teen Gift Cards, Men’s & Women’s Underwear (all sizes, must be new), PJs – all styles & sizes Men's & Women's Hygiene Kits (must be new), socks (all sizes, must be new), Sports Bras (all sizes), Feminine Hygiene Items (must be new) and as always any coats used or new. 

For questions email 

Donations to Laramie Foster Closet can be brought to us and we will take care of getting it to them. Send us an email or text with what you have and we will pick it up or you can drop it off to us. 

Contact us with any ideas to help the community!

These suggestions will be implemented

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